Who is she?

My name is Brooke or you can call me Eh-vuh-lee-nah (ewalina), my Hawaiian name. I am a (new) wife, Polynesian dancer and a hoarder of memories (does anyone else consistently get that annoying ‘storage full’ message on their phone?!?). I don’t like to delete old photos from my laptop or phone because they are my digital photo albums that can go anywhere and everywhere with me. It drives my husband mad.

I come from a large, spread out family and moved many times growing up. Change was something I was very familiar with. Photography became my way of preserving the adventures and mundane of life. It helped me remember family I wouldn’t see for a decade and things I wished not to forget when moving to another place.

Then I became a bride… and my eyes were opened to a whole new world I’d never experienced before. How weddings have become hubs for craziness is unbeknownst to me but I am so thankful for the ones we hired to capture our day!! I have looked at my wedding photos over and over. Reliving the grand and small moments with delight and glee, the little details that passed all too soon and the hundreds of people that gathered to celebrate mine and my beloved’s choice to be wed. Everything was a whirlwind and literally all that remains of that day are the photos and videos.

Time with loved ones is a precious gift, we are not promised tomorrow. My passion for photography is to capture you with those you love most so that you too can have something to cherish in the years to come. I am not into fads, but into hardwork and real life. If you are looking for posed, photoshopped photos then I am not your girl. I want to be a part of creating memories that you will proudly show to your grandkids, preserving your story because it’s worth being told.

When shall we begin?